I'm trying to do a proof of concept to show our existing physical Novell
clusters can be migrated to run in VMware ESX. My attempt is to create a
new virtual node and insert into an existing physical cluster as both a
proof of concept and a migration plan.

I found the cool solutions article:
and basically followed the identical steps to pass my LUNs to the VM
through raw device mappings. the new VM is able to see all the LUNs just
as I would expect.

However, the problem I have is with the last, simingly simple, step... to
go into NSSMU and enable all the LUNs as Sharable for Clustering. When I
do this, I recieve an "-1 Error activing pool to set NDS object's GUID"
and basically I'm unable to make the devices Sharable. If I attempt to
join the cluster, I recieve a "join retry, some other node acquired the
cluster lock" which I feel is because I can't enable the SBD parition as

Any advice to solve this problem in getting these devices Sharable? any
special considerations to watch out for when doing NCS with VMware RDM's
thats not spelled out in the cool solution's article? help would be much