We have BM 3.8 SP3 running on a NW6.5 sp6 box.

we're having some issues when we try to go theough the proxy server for addresses like https://www.site-name.com/subdir/page.htm

The PC doesnt have the novell client, and isnt running clntrust, but is set to go through our proxy server, it give an html popup window asking for a name/password, this is all good so far, now it gets annoying.

the URL its going to open (in the bottom box) is now stripped of everything except the domain - eg https://www.site-name.com

Now, if i HAVE to connect to an explicit page, and (for security reasons) there ISN'T a default page at https://www.site-name.com, how do i make it stop stripping the subfolder path off the URL?

thanks in advance