NW 7.5.7; Win XP workstations. Every once and awhile the DAT 72 tape
backup on my Dell PowerEdge 800 decides it won't read the tapes. the
only way to resolve it that I know is to reboot the server, which I've
done before and did again yesterday.

Thereafter, the tapes and all else work fine, except no workstation
recognizes the iPrint printers. Trying to print from an application
returns an "Error initializing output device." The printer are listed
on the workstations' Printers and Faxes area as "Unavailable."

I don't know if it's related, but i cannot access the server via
browser, via iPrint or otherwise - a "504 Gateway Timeout/Unable to
connect to origin Web server" is returned. I can connect via browser to
our other server used for BorderManager. I can ping both servers. At
the server, the NDPS Manager reports the printers as "Idle."

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully accepted.