Some questions:

I’m thinking of installing an iPrint server and setting up all new
printers for distribution with a soon to be installed ZCM10.

I would think installing it on OES2 – Linux (10) would be the best
way to go, not much future in Netware OS.
There are approximately 260 printers defined in NDPS, one Broker, one
agent. Some restricted printers. No public printers

Current environment:
Edir 8.7.3
Zenworks 3.2 & 6.5
OES Netware 6.5 sp5

My biggest concern is any eDir issues?

It seems the OES2 installs with eDir 8.8
Apparently 8.8 is not be compatible with my current Zenworks environments.
I do not plan on running anything but iPrint on this server, but am
concerned about any eDir issue I may have.

The information below is from "additional notes" in TID#3171434

"If a product is not supported, you should not install eDirectory 8.8 SP2
or an older version on the same server as that product. In addition, that
product should not be configured to search an eDirectory 8.8 SP2 or older
version server. As long as these conditions are met, you can still install
eDirectory 8.8 SP2 on some servers and run with a mixed tree.
There is one exception. Zen objects can't be synchronized to a eDirectory
8.8 server. Please see the Novell Zenworks section for more details."
__________________________________________________ _____

I'm confused as to where to find additional details regarding this kind of

Does adding a OES2-Linux to the tree present any other issue anyone can
think of?

What I would prefer is a VMware install of OES2 – Linux rather than
a discrete server. Any thoughts?

Can we gauge the performance of this setup?

Anyone doing it this way?

Any other issues that you know of?

Thanks for any assistance.

Also if this should be posted in the zenworks forum any thoughts as to
which of the many forums would be best?