I'm having a problem imaging Asus motherboard P5B-MX with attansic onboard
nic drivers. TID 3695642 (for ASUS P5GC-MX motherboard with onboard
Attansic NIC) seems to indicate to check TID 3484245 which I think is
telling me to download ZDM7SP1IR1HP1 (in a very round about way)

I've download the ZDM7SP1_IR1_HP1_Img_Resource_Files recommended and
simply burned the bootcd.ISO file , but the NIC is still not detected on
boot. I didn't bother to put a settings.txt file on, I just want to
verify the new imaging disk can get the NIC to work.
I'm not sure what the point of initrd, linux and root are that are
included with the download ZDM7SP1_IR1_HP1_Img_Resource_Files is.

Am I missing something? I realize the motherboard is slightly different
model, but does it matter, I would think the NIC would be essentially the