I have an OES SP1 Linux Server running apache2, mySQL, and PHP. I have
written several php forms that connect to the mySQL database. All users
and computers on the network appear to have no problem loading the .php
page and storing data in the database. All internal machines have the
Novell Client installed.

BUT...if I try to access that page from outside the building, I just get
lines of gibberish. The server log shows it delivered the page with no
error (200). I tracked it down further by taking a clean install of XP
(with no Novell Client) and it does the same thing from inside the
building. Every .php page returns lines of garbage. That seems to
indicate the problem is not firewall related. It serves up the same
garbage in IE or in Firefox.

All non-php web pages appear to work properly with or without the
client. Even a one line phpinfo page works find with the Novell client
and shows gibberish without it. I can browse anywhere on our internal
website with or without the client.

I am totally baffled why this is happening. This had been working in
the past (from outside with no client) but one of the upgrades, patches,
etc broke something.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?