HI, i'm looking for hints in order to perform a step by step migration
from Windows 2000 server to linux based OES2 server.

The problem i'm facing is that i have to migrate user step by step
mantaining data in OES2 and Windows 2000 servers at the same time:

I should migrate group of users where their files will stay on OES2, no
problem with this, with the server consolidation utility everything works

But the problem here is that some files, specially those appartaining to
disomogeneous groups of users should remain on windows 2000 servers until
i have completed the migration of all users in order to keep all the
people accessing their files in OES2 and Windows shares at the same time.

Is there any way to accomplish that?

I saw novell services for windows could have been an option but the
product disappeared from OES2 in the first release.

Any help is very much appreciated.