I have two problems that may or may not be related. I'm new (as it seems about everyone is!) to OES so please bear with me if I don't use the correct terminology. I have SLES10 and OES both loaded and they appear to be working fine on an older HP DL380 with a RAID 5 array set up as a single logical drive.

My problems are #1....I can not get EVMS and boot.evms to enable. In the services list it says NO. I can start both but then get the YES*. If I exit out and come back in....they both have returned to NO. I'm assuming from the "*" that another service is needed?? The server boots fine. Maybe it's not needed? I did create a couple of custom partitions using EVMS during set up for NSS volumes.

#2....In iManager when I go into Storage to work with anything I get several error messages. The first was I didn't have rights. Got that worked out. Then it was a CIM error. Got that straight. Now it says "Can't read from NSS Version File....It appears the NSS services are not currently running". If I go to services it shows that Novell-NSS is running. I am able to create pools and volumes through NSSMU which I "assume" means the services are running.

Any ideas what I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance!