I'm interested in opinions and possible solutions for storing and
retrieving documents.

We are currently using Shared Folders for storage of messages relating to
particular pieces of work (Groupwise Version 6.5.6). A folder is created
and share with those team members who will be contributing to that item.

With 15 team members and about 30 folders, its an administrative nightmare
when a team member changes as all the folders have to be re-shared.

I was looking to Libraries to help solve this - possibly trying to pin
hopes on something that won't do what I want it to.

I've read several overviews on libraries and can see some potential but
not necessarily a complete solution.

Our items of work come and go on a reasonably regular basis and people
forward us reports to review. As far as the reports go (and some of the
templates we use), a library will suit us well. I have doubts about
folders (libraries don't seem to have them) so a naming convention would
help us over come that.

I would like to be able to group documents and e-mails together in a
folder structure that is easily shared (and unshared) with team members.
Somewhere between Shared Folders and a Library.

Even if I could share folders based on membership of a Group.

Any ideas/suggestions/comments....