Have a HP ML330 server running NW6.5, SP6. Something on the motherboard
crapped out (server restarting randomly) but have placed the hard drive into
another identical server (have tested by installing NW6.5 on another drive
on same server and all works OK).

ISSUE#1: When starting, there is a "module initialization failed" trying to
load the ADPT160M.HAM (Logger screen shows message about invalid slot #,
also fails if slot# not included in STARTUP.NCF). However, if I then type
in the exact same command at the CLI (LOAD ADPT160M.HAM SLOT=1) it loads
with no issue. I can then mount the volumes , run AUTOEXEC etc.

ISSUE#2: The driver for the NIC won't load, even after manually loading the
SCSI driver as above and running AUTOEXEC.NCF. When manually trying to load
the NIC driver (LOAD Q57.LAN) it returns a "module initialization failed"
message and on the Logger screen, "Fatal: Adapter not detected".

I know that the problam is not with the drivers, commands or slot #'s etc,
as they work on the same server with another drive mounted. Have copied
over the ADPT160M and Q57 files in case they were corrupted. Not sure what
other modules these drivers are dependent on, maybe one of them corrupt?

I attempted to re-apply SP6 to see if it would restore something, but can't
do the complete process because I can't LOGIN since no IP loaded.

Same behaviour in both the good and suspect server, however the test drive
and installation works OK in both servers.

I am wondering if I can get the SCSI driver to load properly from the
STARTUP.NCF, if the other will then work.

Any one have ideas on how to how to resolve, or what most prudent next steps
would be? Would be much appreciated.