Hello guys,

I'm trying to accomplish a rather basic task using ZLM72, but I seem to

I have a ZLM72IR1 HP2 server running on a SLES10SP1 machine.
Using zlmmirror, I mirrored the SLES10-SP1-Updates for sled10-i586 arch.

First question: What's with the new SLED10-SP1-Updates-patches folder
appearing in ZCC under bundles?
Before applying HP2, zlmmirror was only creating
SLED10-SP1-Updates-bundle, containing 452 rpms, and a SLED10-SP1-Updates
catalog, containing that bundle.
Now, with HP2, a new SLED10-SP1-Updates-patches subfolder appears,
136 bundles, each with their own rpm(s). SLED10-SP1-Updates catalog also
gets updated, so that it contains all these new bundles.
I'm confused as to what those bundles are, and why a different structure
was needed.

Second issue (most important): I have failed to update a SLED10SP1 client.
The client machine is freshly installed, using SLED10SP1 release (NO
pacthes applied).

Here are the steps I took:

I installed ZLM72IR1 agent on it, subscribed to ZLM72IR1HP catalog created
on the ZEN server and updated the client to ZLM72IR1HP2.
As expected, ZEN agent install deleted all SAs, and created just the ZEN
server SA.
As per Rainer's advice from one of the previous topics, I registered a NFS
source for the SLES10SP1 original repository (although, this should only
be needed for installing new packages from the original repository, not
strictly for updating installed packages, right?).
From ZCC, I assigned the SLED10-SP1-Updates catalog to the workstation.
From the wks, I subscribed to the new catalog and saw 154 available
updates, running rug lu.
Problem is that , when I run rug up, I get the following failed
dependencies error messsage:
"ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:
Updating NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-60.26.i586[System packages] to
NetworkManager-0.6.4-60.26.i586[System packages] provides NetworkManager
== 0.6.4-60.26, but is scheduled to be uninstalled.
NetworkManager-0.6.4-60.26.i586[SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1
10.1-0] provides NetworkManager == 0.6.4-60.26, but another version of
that package is already installed.
Can't satisfy requirement NetworkManager == 0.6.4-60.26 for
NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-60.26.i586[System packages]
Can't install NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-60.31.i586[SLED10-SP1-Updates],
since NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.4-60.31.i586[tst] is already marked as
needing to be installed
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid."

I'm just out of ideas :(. Am I supposed to manually assign only some of
the bundles? Looks rather scarry, since they aren't a few... Shouldn't
dependency resolution happen automatically?
Furthermore, I'm puzzled by the difference from the updating process that
takes place when a SLED10SP1 client is registered directly online, running
suseregister (and not to a ZLM server). In that case, only two yast-online
updates are shown first, and only after applying those you get to see the
rest of the available updates. Why doesn't this happen with ZEN?

Thank you very much for your help!