There as post elsewhere in this forum, but that doesn't contain the answer I need, so here goes.

I am experiencing a problem using the cpio command. I'm trying to mount my initd to make some changes in it. I have followed the ZENworks documentation but this procedure doesn't work:

mv initrd initrd.gz
gunzip initrd.gz
mkdir work
cd work
cpio -idmuv < ../initrd

These commands extract nothing, but instead give me this:

cpio: warning: skipped 1923664 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: archive header has reverse byte-order
cpio: $D�L$@��X�\$0f��t$<�p
�|$L�G>9D$0t"@9D$0tT$Lf�B<: unknown file type
cpio: premature end of file

I have tried this on initrd's from a couple of servers to make sure I don't have a corrupted initrd.

My workstation is SLED 10 sp1:
My ZENworks is 7 w/ sp1 on Netware 6.5 SP 6

Anyone had the same problem? Any help greatly appreciated.