Over the weekend I went to upgrade our ZEN 6.5 install to latest ZEN7. 6.5
was install into cluster but it wasn't migratable.. IE only worked on 1
cluster node. My thinking was to run the ZEN 7 install, select the cluster
and be done with it in about an hour. After several attempts to install
to cluster remote management would not install, directories didn't get
created on file copy. So i deleted all zen directories and
zenworks.properties form sys:system, re-ran install. Still no dice rm
wouldn't install, this would be ok except we use WOL. After 7 hours I
decided to just install to node only.. everything worked, rm installed.
After sleep I am now trying to examine why the cluster install failed. Any
thoughts? What can I do to make sure I have a complete uninstall before
attempting another cluster install?