We ran 2.0.2 for a long time on a standalone netware server - no problems whatsoever. About two weeks ago we moved it to a clustered resource. Fast forward to Last monday (and a few days prior): Messenger 2.0.2 was experiencing random disconnects of many users. Users would bounce off and reconnect right away and so it seemed somewhat cosmetic. Regardless, I wanted to find a fix for it.

After reviewing the posts out there, I decided the first route of action would be to try 2.0.3 on and to add the /conntimeout-0 to my strtup.ma file. From last Wednesday till this morning, we had good luck with this.

Now today, its wild again. Disconnecting all the time, and saying connection timeout and doesn't auto reconnect people, so its more than cosmetic today.

I have to do something with this tonite - For starters, I am moving it off the clustered resource. Its not defined as a critical application in our company (yet) so I have another non-critical server I want to put it on. Plus, I really have no need to cluster this. So I will move it, and then second, I was reading posts that convinced me to roll back to 2.0.1 because the nlms are more stable... Is this what I should do? If so, which ones do I need and can I just rename and copy old ones back?

We love this app and users are relying on it heavily. So any help is appreciated.

Stacie White