I have a netware 6SP5 server currently running DNS (server a)
I have installed a 6.5sp6 server running DNS (server b) and would like to
make server b the authoritve server for each zone within my organisation
as eventually I would like to decommision server a.

I believe this is the right thing to do please correct me if I am wrong !!

Firstly on loading DNS on server b it would not load correctly with a
error message of “unable to find rootserverinfo error 25 DNS exited
successfully”, this turned out to be caused because there was no
rootserverinfo object in the tree

Running DNIPINST –F resolved the above which in turn created a
rootserverinfo object in the tree and created a rootserverinfo zone as
recommended by Novell, I did not recreate the group or locater objects at
this point.

with server b now being created and being available within DNSDHCP
management console, DNS could then load and reloaded successfully on
server b

server b was then switched from being an available sever to an authoritive
server for each DNS zone within my organisation however on loading and
reloading DNS on the server b to ensure it still loaded successfully after
the change, DNS then displayed another error and did not load correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas to what the problem could be? or where to start

Thanks in advance