I am trying to determine if the update has completed totally.

Under Devices -> Servers -> ZCMServer, when I click "Refresh" to see
upcoming events, I have 61 events listed (all with times marked
undefined), some of which are:

ZCM10.0.2 - novell-zenworks-primary-agent-10.0.2.msi (deploy)
ZCM10.0.2 - novell-zenworks-policies-server-10.0.2.msi (deploy)
ZCM10.0.2 - SystemUpdate.ini (deploy)
ZCM10.0.2 - system-update.msi (deploy)

I also have some with the time listed when I clicked "Refresh", some of
which are:

Knowledge Base Files (Unmanaged) [3.6.A.1.16] (deploy)
Knowledge Base Files [3.6.A.1.16] (deploy)

Finally, under Agents, I see the following: Bundle Module, Content
Distribution Point, and Policy Module at, and Remote Management
Module at

I did the update on Jan. 18th. So my questions are 1) Should I
continuously be seeing 61 items in the upcoming events list, and 2) is
there a way to get a listing of all the agents or components and what
version they are?