I got to put the last of 200 rounds that Kahr recommends be run before
a weapon should be trusted.

I also got to shoot Greg’s Glock 21. Can’t say I really like it, since
it’s a .45 and I can’t control it. So it ejects shell casings into my
face...not cool, since they are really HOT.

I did REALLY enjoy shooting the Sig P229 .40...that was awesome. Even
Greg agreed that even though it is a .40 it's a lot nicer to shoot then
my CW9. The CW9 seems louder and kicks harder for some reason.

We also took the HK, not sure what the model was but it was also a 9mm.
didn’t like it as much as the Sig, the Glock nice, but with the kicking
thing it’s out of the question. Greg thinks the Sig is too big for me
to carry. To heck with that, I have a big bag, I don’t think it would
be a problem at all…HA!

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She