I'm setting up a test tree so I can finally do some upgrade research for our production systems. My test environment here is different than my production environment in that we have a Hitachi SAN that we connect to via iSCSI in the production side.

I've got a Netware 6.5 SP7 server that I've followed OES2 documentation strictly to set up an ISCSI target. I've got a 10GB LUN that lists in RM and iscsitar targets. Everything looks about how it should here.

Since I'm trying to use Linux initiators for my OES SP2 boxes, I follow the docs in the 2.7 Accessing iSCSI Targets on NetWare Servers from Linux Initiators section and created two initiator objects and assigned trustee rights from the target to them and vice versa (the two initiators and one target are trustees of each other, with default access levels).

Then, on either of my OES SP2 (Linux) boxes, I've edited iscsi.conf and initiatorname.iscsi to what I think are the proper values. In iscsi.conf, I've added...


...as prescribed in the above mentioned document with the target name from iscsitar targets command on the NW target server. Then, I've added into initiatorname.iscsi ....

InitiatorName=iqn.1987-05.com.cisco:cn=oescl1_initiator,ou=printers,o=tes ting

As far as I can tell, that should be the proper syntax for oescl1_initiator object in the printers container in the testing tree. Right? I run iscsi start and get this message:

Name and location of the bindings file is changed to /var/lib/iscsi/bindings
Starting iSCSI: iscsi iscsid fsck/mount ...... done

Unfortunately, when I run iscsi-ls, I only see the Ciscso iSCSI Driver header, then Can't open /var/lib/iscsi/bindings - No such file or directory underneath. I checked permissions/ownership on /var/lib/iscsi, and it is identical to my production OES SP2 boxes, except for it is missing the bindings file. When I check RM on the target server, in the iSCSI section, I see the target displayed entirely, and two storage sessions listed, with all fields complete except the last column (Target Name). So the target server sees the initiators connecting, or at least trying to, but on the servers with initiators, I see no new devices after iscsi start, and I am generally skeptical they're even connected since I see a lot more with iscsi-ls on my production servers.