Yesterday I try to upgrate to nw65sp7.
During Installation I got the message
File copy status: FILE SYS:NW65SP7\SYS\SYSTEM" was non found (nwconfig-6-233 Press enter ton Continue)

(Copying file "SYS:\SYSTEM\DSAPI.NLM")

On System Console:
COMN-3.23-1092 [nmID=A00259]
NSS-3.00-5001: Pool SERVERNAME/SYS is beeing deactivated
An I/O error (20204(zio.c[2260])) at block 256987(file block 3068)(ZID 3)
has compromised pool integrity

Bindery close requested by the SERVER

Directory Services: Local database has beer closed

on the Logger screen:
NSS(ZLSS)-3.25-144-1449: zlssLogicalVolume.c[4948]


I must restart the Server....
But now each large file Copy action will dismount all volumes.

I make am Backup, and I think the Backup Process has finished.

What can I do with this half updated server?
I have some time to repair the server. But I dont know how!
The server on this time only managed the Masterreplica.
But he managed backups, and so I must bring the server back to a stable work.

(The main administrator is in Hospital for about 4 Weeks... So I must do it myselv.)

We use dsrepair to designate an other Server as the new master replica.
dsrapair on the crashed server will dismount sys volume.
nwconfig to reinstall also crash...

Sometimes I got:
Comn-3.26.180 [nmID=A0022]
NSS-2.70-5008: Volume SERVERNAME/SYS had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 269981 (file block -269981) (ZID 1)

Can you help me please? (Sorry for my bad english)