We are running GW 7.0.1. We are running GWPOA.NLM version 7.00a dated 6/13/2006 from patch gw701e. I am also running GWMobile version 1.0. SOAP is up and running. I thought I was running the correct version for BES also. Are BES and GWM compatible?

My BES log shows the following failure:

[54001] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Starting GWSOAPConnector
[34192] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Database Edition=EXPRESS
[34483] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x13B0} {BESMgmt} {GWSOAPConnector} Begin BESMgmt Thread
[34157] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Novell GroupWiseObject Library: C:\Novell\GroupWise\\gwcma1.dll, Version: 7.0.1
[34493] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} GWSOAPConnector Version:
[34480] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} GW API Mode=GW_SOAP
[34480] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} SSL=OPTIONAL
[34154] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Mailstore test start, test level=1
[34116] (01/29 23:59:57):{0x1450} {GWSC} {*****} Login: Start
[14047] (01/29 23:59:59):{0x1450} {GWSC} {*****} Login Failed: Err=POA needs to be updated, Version=7.0.1 , Build=364
[34045] (01/29 23:59:59):{0x1450} {GWSC} {*****} Logout admin user
[14095] (01/29 23:59:59):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Mailstore test failed
[54002] (01/29 23:59:59):{0x1450} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Terminating GWSOAPConnector

I tried to find 7.0 SP1 IR1, but the only reference is to the mac client of this version.

My GWM is running with no problems reported by the users.