I've been trying to download ZCM10_0_1.iso from the website, but it continues to fail.

I am using a download manager, and it shows me the headers. I see that the iChain heads show my session expires after a very short amount of time. Perhaps an hour.

Since the ISO is about 4GB and my connection is only a shared 100Mb/s Internet connection (I get about 16Mb/s) I time out during the download.

It would be ok, and I could recover with Flashget, however the failures don't always generate a 403 unauthorized. Sometimes they return an normal HTTP response with a page that says I've timed out -- so that gets written to that block of the ISO & it's corrupt.

From searching the forums, this seems to be an old issue so I don't suspect Novell has plans to fix it. Is there another server outside of Novell's which doesn't have this bug, where I can download this from?