I've searched around finding a troubleshooting post here and there but no difinitive information.

Is there a current method to successfully install the GMS Intellisync client on Windows Mobile 6 devices (Blackberry 2, Tilt, HTC 8525, most new PDAs, etc) and, if so, what is it? It is evident it does not install via activesync like it does so well for WM5 devices.

If not, is there a patch in the works? When can we expect Windows Mobile 6 support with Groupwise Mobile Server? The new mobile devices people are purchasing have WM6 and there is an overwhelming need for Groupwise integration. GMS has worked phenomenally for all of our WM5 devices and we would love to continue using it. WM6 is about to be 1 year old - Novell, please help!

Please do not post about third party solutions - I am interested in GMS support only.