after a warm reboot the NW6sP5 Server
won't start anymore. Everytime the server abends in Loadstage1 "scanning
devices & partitions"

Abend.log says:
EIP in MM.NLM at code start +00020C58h
Access Location: 0x00000290
Running Process: Console Comand Process
Thread owned by Nlm: Server.nlm
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in MM.NLM.

I've started the Server using the following Command:
server -na -ns -nl
startup.ncf - ok
loadstage 1 - failed

I've copied all nlm's designated to Loadstage0 and Loadstage1 from a
running NWServer6Sp5 Server to the nwserver dir of the faulty Server.
That doesn't help.

Greetings from Germany
U Efler