Last weekend I migrated my main NW60SP5 server to new hardware, same OS.
Two weeks earlier, I had used SCMT to run an initial copy of data from
the old server to the new, which had obviously been installed with the
Pre-Migration pattern.

Last weekend I ran a second data copy, filtering by two weeks to pick up
any files that had been created or changed since the first pass. (Both
servers have internal RAID since we don't have SAN storage for NW.)

After the second copy, the logs looked OK and date stamps on the files
showed that the newer stuff had come over. But here's the weird part:
Although the date stamps had changed, the file contents had not been
updated. This should NEVER HAPPEN. I, of course, did not know this until
Monday when users started calling because their files were out of date.

It's been an ugly week, setting up separate restored folders. My users
have generally been gracious about it, but the ideal is to have a server
migration be 100 percent transparent.

Now it's quiet enough that I'm probably OK leaving the separate restored
folders out there for a couple weeks, but imagine how messy this is. I
could do the following:

1. Copy any files from this week to a temporary location

2. Copy files from the old server over those on the new one, which will
overwrite some newer files

3. Copy this week's files back to their regular location, overwriting
outdated files from the old server

But I think I've been intrusive enough for now.

It didn't help that using Backup Exec 10d, I ran restores based on the
two weeks before the migration, but BE just ignored my date range and
restored EVERYTHING. It's good to have the tape, but in the interest of
expediency I did a remove/reinstall DS on the old server with a new name
and IP address so I could copy over the wire.

This may be the single most obnoxious problem I've had in 15 years at
this company. I'm not really asking for advice, just offering some and
giving others a heads up.

Think twice about getting fancy with multiple passes for the data
migration. It's better to do the data and NDS migration in one fell
swoop. And it's always good to have multiple backups of your data,
especially sitting on the wire where you can grab it quickly if needed.

Take it for what it's worth.