Hello - I've got a weird problem here, one I've had for a little bit and tried everything that I can think of.

I have a Netware 6.5 - SP5 server, my SYS volume is on its own RAID 1 array. I've created a volume that is now 40 gigs. (I have some free space free for a just in case situation).

On this volume resides my GroupWise mailbox, my GroupWise system files, Apache2 to support WebAccess, Symantec AV, and Backup Exec (this is my media server). This server also runs GWAVA 4 - but archives the e-mail on a different volume.

The problem is that all of the sudden, I ran out of disk space (completely out, 0 bytes free as reported in Windows Explorer). I've tried eliminating every file possible that I can. When I reboot my server, the space magically reappears. (e.g. 10 gigs free, down to 0, reboot, back to 10 gigs). Over time however, this trick has stopped working. I ran out of disk space today, rebooted but only came back to 100 megs, and was out again in no time.

Obviously this problem is getting worse. I cannot purge any files, I have tried not running Backup Exec. I've thought about the mailboxes causing problems, but there is no way in my system that 10 gigs (even 2 gigs) of mail is coming in to the system in the time period it takes to run out of space.

If anyone has any suggestions for me, I am completely out of ideas. I've searched the Internet, searched the TID's and discussed with friends, I am despearate for help.

Thanks a bund in advance.