I've read the documentation on ZCM about the ports required, but I am a
little unclear. I only want to open up the MINIMAL number of ports on the
server to allow clients to get to the ZCM server for inventory, imaging,
app objects, etc. I do not want to allow clients to get to the Zen Control
Center login screen if I can help it, but I have a feeling that 80 or 443
are used for other communication in addition to the ZCC page (let me know
if that's wrong). From the docs I have found the following ports:

67 (TCP)
69 (UDP)
80 (TCP)
443 (TCP)
5550 (TCP)
5950 (TCP)
7628 (TCP)
2645 (TCP)

Which of these (if any) can I not open, or do they all have to be opened?
Also, are there any I'm missing? Again, this is only asking for ports
needed to be open on the SERVER for clients to be able to access it for
imaging, inventory, app objects, etc. This is not for anything like
connections to SQL servers, BOE, etc., so I don't care about those ports.