Hi All,

I am migrating an OES1 cluster to OES2 and am unable to manage the cluster at all via iManager or Console1. If I make any change via console1 it is not recognized and is ignored (such a as change to the node load order). You can see that it has been changed in c1, but it does not flow thru to the operations of the cluster, even after an offline/online event. If I try and do changes via iManager on any node I get errors such as "clustering error: attempt to open too many sessions", "clustering error: could not complete the operation because of an unknown error.". Also, the IP address of the cluster resource in iManager has disappeared, and you have to put it in before it will let you try and save the changes (which then error with the above error". Please help as I am tearing my hair out (what little is left..).

Mark C