We got ZCM 10 up and running and had 600 devices sucessfully registered when we started to notice strange things happening. The biggest complaint would be win2k workstations taking forever boot up. We've seen the ZCM server "hung up" 3 times now doing who knows what and the last hang up it apparently prevented users from login into their machines. It is difficult to point at ZCM at the reason for these problems but when looking at my system message logs there's 67000 entries and growing. We've had problems with Rights based remote control and deleted devices don't seem to reappear. Where to start??

here's a brief sample of some of the error's I'm seeing:

"The handler Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.StandaloneHandlerHan dler thew"

WifSender.Initialize failed.{}

The handler ServiceExistsSysReqHandler threw an exception. System.InvalidOperati

Unable to obtain the policy definitions from the policy service.