I have a server that was clean-installed as OES 2 about a month ago. I must have done something wrong when I configured updates, because a record was created for it in Customer Center but it wasn't getting updates. I thought re-registering would fix it, so I deleted the record from Customer Center, cleared the registration info from the server per TID 3303599 (deleted deviceid and secret), and cleared the zmd cache per TID 3818394 (rm -rf /var/cache/zmd/*). I re-ran the Customer Center configuration from the server and it completed successfully. Verified that the system was added to Customer Center and that the install sources were added, and if I run Online Update I can successfully view and install updates.

My problem is zmd (the little globe in the tray). It appears the update service was removed from there in this process, and I can't get it to come back, so not I don't get the little exclamation mark when patches are available. How can I add the NU service back to that?