During the LDAP Synchronization part of the installation process for Conferencing, I am asked for several items (most of which I know):

LDAP URL (got it)
bindDN (got it)
bindPW (got it)
baseDN (got it)
import filter (??? - no examples given of what this should be, and accepting default of <none> doesn't work)
auth filter (??? - same problem as above)
conferencing community for imported users (??? - no real explanation of why I need to 'place' them anywhere, or whether this value should be a number, a string, a name of some sort - ??? - it appears that the install default wants to make this value a single integer...)

I don't want to 'filter' users at this point, I just want the software to work. I already have Teaming up and running and integrated with LDAP and GW (as far as it is capable at this point), but Conferencing will not sync with LDAP without these filter values.

Can anyone help me out here, I don't know what these "filter" values need to be, and support.novell.com returns "no results" when I search for "ldap filter" on "eDirectory".