I am going through the Teaming Installation and Config document and at
chapter 2.7.2 it mentions an Administration group called "admin". When
I log in with the "admin" account and go Manage Groups in the Teaming
Administration portlet there is no "admin" group in there and when I
attempt to create one it says one already exists (it is invisible?). I
can't figure out how to get this set up so a user other than the "admin"
user can have access to all the features of the Teaming Administration
portlet. When I log in with another user I can only see Reports in that

Can somebody can help me figure out how to see this "admin" group and give
a user Teaming Admin rights?


P.S. The multiple layers of users, groups, and permissions which are only
partially interrellated is really confusing me. I hope that eventually
this complexity will be presented in a single administrative portlet with
Users, Groups, Portal Roles, and Teaming Roles. Also, an RPM and YaST
config tool for setting this up and changing e-mail servers post-install
would be nice.