I would like to configure one of our newly purcahsed NW 6.5.7 servers to
handle the DHCPSRVR responsibilities for our remote office.
We have our Primary office on the subnet.
And we have this Remote office on the subnet.
(we haver a VPN connecting our two sites together)

Currently, our remote office has a really old fileserver (NW 4.11) onsite
handing out DHCP to all thd local workstations on the 192.168.128.x subnet.

I want to retire this old server (obviously), and replace its File & DHCP
duties with our new NW 6.5.7 server. However, this new server will Not
reside at the remote location. It is going to stay at the 192.168.64.x
location. But i need to configure it to handle the DHCP services for all
the workstations at the other office.

I know you probably think thats a DUMB idea. If the Link between the two
Offices ever went down, then everyone at the remote office owuld be
disconnected. I Know this.... but management has other ideas.

Anyways, can anyone offer any insight on how to configure DHCP to
accomplish this? a TID, or Cool Solution, or Past Experiences, or gotchas
or anything woudl be great. I have no problem using iManager or that java
DNSDHCP utility.
I just need to get it to work. (maybe i could even use the current DHCP
settings on the 4.11 server as a template??)

Anyways, any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again!! >^^<