we try to implement a site failover with two ibm ds4300 attached to 2 oes2
(linux) clusternodes without hardware mirroring.

After some problems with multipathing and sbd mirroring we get the cluster
to work.

Also the nss partitions could be easily mirrored between the two storages.

We do not get the native linux filesystems created in a EVMS/MD software
mirror for the cluster.

What we tried so far is:

1.) put the cluster segment manager on two shared disks (luns)
2.) try to create Region with multi disk raid1 region manager
3.) I see both disks available for the raid.
4.) when i try to select the disks the first is selected and the second disk
5.) i can manage the raid properties and can also select a spare disk but
no "second mirror disk" or something like that.

If i install the disk as "1 disk mirror" i have no idea how to include the
second disk in the mirror.

I need the shared storage at least for iprint.

Groupwise and iFolder should be running fine on nss if native fs raid1 are
so critical.

Michael Koeppl