NW 6.5 sp7

Have my own internal dns server running BUT all of my websites (www)
to that server and domain are outsourced (on the outside of my server
and firewall).
I have some webservices running on my internal server like iFolder,
netstorage, GW webaccess and a small webserver resolving to
projects.<domainname>.xx just for uploading large files to my clients
(3-4Gb) (http-download).

How do folks reslove to the www.<domainname>.xx usually.
I now have to make a new source entry redirecting www. to an outside IP
adress. The only thing that wories me is that the IP adress of the
hosting webserver changes once in a while. I don't want to change this
every time.
Is there any other way?

Good to know is that I have several domainnames registered and pointing
to that same internal server for iFolder, GW webacc, netstorage. BUT
they all have different www. hosts on the internet.

Am I being clear enough or have I just cunfuced you all :-)



architect in Southern Finland
Small Business user
Doesn't know Linux at all :-(
thats why I still stick to NW :-)