This is a reposting of a question from 1/22:

We are getting ready to upgrade to ZFD 7 from 4. I created a NAL app to
deploy the updated desktop agents and it seemed to be working fine in my
test environment, so I started "beta" testing on my production laptop along
with some of the other admins systems here. It installed fine on several VM
tests, the host system where the VMs are loaded as well as my laptop. When
some of the other admins tried installing, we got a blue screen with an
error in the ATI2DVAG.dll. Anyone seen this problem before? We were able
to boot to safe mode and delete the Novell remote control video adapter from
the hardware manager and at least one of the systems came back so I'm
assuming it's an incompatibility with the driver set, but I'm not 100%
sure. Anybody else seen this/similar issues?

Mike Kurent, Life Fitness