I recently added a second monitor to a workstation. This went fine, and
is working as expected. Only problem is that NAL doesn't seem to work.
NAL is launched on bootup. I have application icons that should be in
the NAL folder, on the desktop and in the start menu. None of these
icons are now available.

The application explorer is running in the system try, and the
aplication explorer folder appears on the desktop. I am running in
online mode, and I am authenticated just fine. There are items in the
cache. I have upgraded to 7.0.14, as that is the latest client I can
find. OS is XP SP2, with most of the recent updates. Novell client is
at 4.91 SP4, with latest patches. Patches were applied after I first
noticed the NAL issue. The video care I am running is an NVidia Quadra
NVS 285, and I have the latest drivers that Dell has provided for it.

I'm out of ideas. Any suggestion? Thanks!