Is there an easy way to move to NOWS from SBE - ie can I get a refund of my entire SBE purchase to use against NOWS? Or is OES2 going to really be available for SBE customers with maintenance sometime soon?

If eDir was not 15 years ahead of AD I'd be looking at a MS-SBS right now. All I really want is a working eDir option on a semi current version of Linux. It's all nice that SBE clients with maintenance get SLES 10 licenses but if I can't run eDir on it that means I have to set up a separate server (more hardware or VM licenses) just so I can run my eDir. In that case I'd rather have Netware 6.5 since I get DNS/DHCP support in eDir and have just as many products that run on Netware as I do on SUSE 9 (that number being 0)

SLES9/OES seems to me to be a transitional product that fit a niche market while OES2 was being developed. OES2 still seems to be missing some of the functionality from NW6.5 but it is close enough for most of us and is the first of the Linux eDir that show that Novell is serious about Linux Directory Servers.

If Novell is serious about the small business market then put some serious products out for us. Another nice solution I would go with would be selling OES2 by it self rather than bundled. All the other Novell products are available by themselves and while NOWS is a GREAT deal not all of us need or want all the extra stuff and would just like a cheaper solution for getting OES2 and then add ZEN or Groupwise as we need. It might cost us more in the long run but at least for my company we could buy the most important products when we need them and work on adding more on when money is not so tight.