I am trying to install ZCM10 on a W2K3R2 SP2 server with IIS, ASP.NET,
..NET 2.0 and SQL 2005 Standard Edition installed. I am starting the
install like this: setup -c to just install the database first (as
according to the installation instructions). BTW, I can connect to the
SQL 2005 default databases with both SQL authentication and Windows
authentication. I get through all the prerequisites and get to the point
where it's supposed to install and it bombs out. (If I have selected SQL
authentication it gives me the error: "login failed for user SA" which is
bogus....because I can authenticate with that user and this is on the same
box....and if I install with Windows authentication it gives me this
error: String index out of range -1. I have tried this on multiple
servers and get the same errors. I have an incident open with Novell and
they are stumped. They have an incident open with Microsoft. Has anyone
seen this??