I have a client that is interested in deploying the ZEN 7.x suite. Their
primary areas of interest are software/hardware inventory, software
distribution, imaging, and remote control. An issue that is raising some
red flags is their current eDirectory design.
Currently, each geopraphically-dispersed office is defined as its own
organization in eDirectory, as opposed to being set up as OUs under a main
organization object. For example, the root of the tree currently has 10
Organization objects with O=Denver, O=Provo, O=Dallas and so forth. This is
opposed to, for example, O=MyCompany with OUs of OU=Denver, OU=Provo,
OU=Dallas and so forth. I am concerned that this type of "O-centric", flat
design may cause some problems with use of some of the functions of ZEN.

I have looked on the web for some documentation on ZEN Design, and not come
up with much. Can anyone offer some suggestions to ZEN design
documentation, or perhaps offer their advice and experiecne with regard to
ZEN and eDirectory design? Any help would be greatly appreciated.