I setup a test library and in that, setup a test document storage area. When using the client I was unable to make any files in the library. I turned off the storage area and selected the post office option. Then I could upload and create files.

Seeing as I need storage areas I went and deleted the library and created a different one and ran into the same issue. So I deleted that library as well and then fully shutdown groupwise and restarted.

Upon restarting the POA is the only agent that won't start.

There are no logs so I went to the agent/bin directory and ran:
./gwpoa -home /our/poa/home/dir

This gives me the following error:
Machine class not defined in area definition (C06B).

The only way to start the POA is with ./gwpoa /noconfig -home /our/poa/home/dir

Hopefully I'm just missing something here. Although I deleted those libraries, they're still showing up in the client but not console1. They also show as having files in them now (guessing residing in the po). I've since run several gwchecks and created a new library with a storage area. That library actually works proper.

With that said, why do I still get this error when starting the poa, how do I remove those ghost libraries (or make console1 see them), and should I be worried that I'm running the poa with /noconfig?