Hi all,

I've run into a problem doing a secure ldap lookup for username/passwords for users. I followed the 'Novell Teaming 1.0 Installation and Configuration Guide' (section 2.4) and the 'Configuring LDAP authentication of Novell Teaming Users through eDirectory' (section 23.4), and have successfully logged in using port 389 (unsecure). Using the liferay Enterprise Admin portlet, and browsing through Settings->Authentication->LDAP, if I change the Base Provider URL to ldaps://niwa-ham:636 I receive this error:

"Failed to bind to the LDAP server with given values."

Under the Teaming Administration portlet -> Configure LDAP -> Connection
If I change the URL from

it accepts that quite happily (with the same username/password as used in the liferay Enterprise Admin portlet).

FYI I followed the "2.4.4 Secure LDAP/eDirectory Setup" in the teaming installation and configuration guide, and that all went fine.

Am I missing something? Is it OK for the enterprise admin portlet be unsecure, with the teaming admin portlet using secure?

As it stands I also followed this (Redirect Incoming HTTP Requests to HTTPS Before Logging into Novell Teaming | Novell User Communities) cool solution to make the teaming site go https, I assume this should encrypt the password anyway?

Thanks for any and all help!!