I have a NW6.5.6 server with Groupwise 7.02 that lost a drive in it's raid
today. The hot spare jumped in as it should. The problem is it has been
rebuilding for 6 hours. I have had other drives in the past that usually
take an hour or so. I went to cpqonlin and it knows it is rebuilding. I
am betting it is set to low priority rebuild. I wasn't here when they got
it and I didn't install Netware on it. I am wondering though whether the
fact that an email server POA and MTA is so constantly doing things that
it will never rebuild while set at low priority. Is that the case? I may
just be getting scared, but I am not sure whether GW ever slows down
enough to allow it. The help for cpqonlin says will do it when it doesn't
affect i/o, but does that mean never since gw will be getting outside
email throughout the night? Sorry for being paniced, but I've never seen
it happen this slow. thanks for your help.