I have seen previous postings on this subject in this forum, but don't think it's been adequately addressed.

I would like to see a definitive TID or Cool Solution documenting what WORKS to make a Netware guest inside VMWare ESX Server 3.0.1 successfully sync (and stay synched) with physical Netware servers in the same tree.

I have tried using VMWare Tools to synch with the host, while the host synchs via NTP with a pool of servers NTP servers on the Internet. The virtual Netware machine would constantly drift out of synch.

I have tried following a VMWare tech note instructing me to uncheck the VMWare Tools time sync option and make the VM a single reference server. This results in apparent sychronization with the other Netware servers but officially it is reported as a "NO" in the "Time is in sync" column of DSREPAIR.

Previous attempts to sync using NTP between the VM and anything else have been abysmal failures.

Instead of a lot of gibberish about who is the "guru" on this subject, someone please step up and show your stuff.