I'm setting up a NW65sp5 server with Border manager 3.8.3. For some
reason when I create a deny rule to block myspace it does not work. if
I set the browser to the proxy address, then it will block it. I heard
that some patches of netware and or border manager breaks the transparent
proxy services. I do not have NAT enabled, it's simply a router. If I
remove all rules the default rule applies and will block all access to the
internet. I'm using only one interface and it's set to private both in
filtcfg and in nwadmin. I currently do not use packet filters nor do I
want to. I also do not want to update to 3.9 of border manager as I find
it easier to maintain the rules through nwadmin and since we do not have
Imanager installed.

one High school uses ZENworks and I'm able to run NW65sp6 with BM3.8sp5ir1
on a PIII XEON with 1 gig ram. ZENworks enforces the internet explorer
and firefox browsers through group polices and I have no need to setup
Transparent proxy at the site. all my rules work perfectly.

the remaining high schools I wish to use BM to filter websites and grant
access to the internet based on rules. My goal is to setup transparent
proxy's on each of the schools and configure the DHCP server to use the BM
servers as the default gateway.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I've worked on this for hours and
I'm very frustrated. my co-worker is thinking about setting up Squid and
LDAP authentication however our knowledge of Linux systems and LDAP is
very limited.