Ok, I thought I had this fixed.....

I have an application install that is mounted on one of our novell servers,
this is set to run as an unsecure system user, and the path to it is a UNC

I have a workstation object for the workstation in the NDS, and it has the
application asociated, with it (have tried direct object asociation and
using a workstation group).

The object is asociated with both the workstation and the user, however it
is NOT flagged as "run as user, even when workstation asociated".

The workstation is running Client version 4.91.3, and the workstation
manager install from the Zen7 distribution CDs.

However when I try and run the object from nalwin32, I get the following
error :-

"Could not launch installer.DNASTAR.Applications.bio (using \\call\apps
\AdminInstall\DNAStar\V6\Lasergene_v6_Win_Install. exe)(id=2)
The system cannot find the file specified."

If I paste the UNC path into File->run from windows the installer launches

I have checked the permissions on my workstation object (in C1, rights to
files/directories) and it has read and filescan access to the .exe file of
the installer, and I presume to the directories above it.

Any clues as to what might be at fault here ? The none strange thing we have
about our setup is that we rename the Administrator account for security
reasons (makes it hard to brute force attack).

Is there a way to make Nalwin32, create a log file that might give me
further clues as to what is up ?