I've been applying a Zen Partition to a bunch of computers. And how the current bootable CD is setup, is to ask me to select the Update/install option, enter a bunch of variables (Defaults are set, so all i have to do is press enter).
What i am wondering is if i can use something along the lines of :

- open SETTINGS.TXT when you'r still in Windows
- change the line "# IPADDR=" to "IPADDR=$IPADR"
- boot to Linux

Thing is, the step requires you to type out "export IPADR=ipaddress" at a prompt.

Now my question is, can i do the same, put in a variable like $IPADR, and have the process reference the variable from a file on the CD and continue on, pulling from a seperate file. Basically eliminating the need of me pressing Enter 8x times to xxxx number of computers.

Thank you for reading this and for any comments!

I got the idea from this post, kudos.