There are a number of web sites we have attempted to exclude from the proxy
cache. However, these sites are still being cached. As a result, we are
having problems with some of the sites.

I have attempted to exclude the sites by entering them in Cachable Object
Control. Under the "Objects" heading, all three options there are set to "Do
not cache or split replies." After I make any changes to the list, the
server appears to react appropriately, as the console reports that Timestamp
Synchronization of PROXY.NLM and BRDSRV.NLM are complete.

We have had most of the exclusions in the list for years, and I honestly do
not know if the exclusions have ever worked or not.

We are running BorderManager 3.8 SP5 on NetWare 6.0 SP5. I would rather not
upgrade in an attempt to fix the problem, as I will need to plan way ahead
to schedule that much downtime.


Rick P