Hi Folks,

I'm trying to get APP OBJ distribution using TED along the lines of the ZEN Master Model.

I can sucessfully distribute simple test Zen App Objs

As soon as I try to send out a real app - say Acrobat running an MSI install from a mapped drive I get this error.

************************************************** *************************************************

2008.02.06 13:15:20 [TED:Event Processing] Gather CoreApps Distribution.Distributions.ZSM.Services.DJJ stopped with error: Error in building the Distribution for TOD Acrobat Reader 8 Install.Install.CoreApps.Zen.ZenProd.Services.DJJ. For this MSI application (TOD Acrobat Reader 8 Install.Install.CoreApps.Zen.ZenProd.Services.DJJ) , the source path X:\WXP\Adobe Reader 8.0 is invalid. Make sure the mapped drive variable value of "X:\" is defined correctly in the Tiered Electronic Distribution policy and that X:\WXP\Adobe Reader 8.0 exists on the Distributor server's file system.
************************************************** **************************************************

I've tried to define the X:\ value in TED in the Service Location Package with no success.

Do anyone use this functionality of TED successfully?