I am running out of space on novell netware 6.5 file server. I have 2 devices configured on the controller / attached disks.
1 device is raid 1 with 2 seperate pools one for sys and one for swap volumes on it and 50gb free space.
The other is Raid5 with one pool and has data and users volumes on it with 5gb space.
I want to expand the pool with data and users volumes to use the space on the device 1.

I only need this in place for 2-3 months as we are moving the data to a win 2k3 box.

Is it Ok to have a pool expanded across a raid5 device and a raid1 device.

If OK what is involved other than expanding the pool into the free space.

There are no pool or volume quotas.

Is there a reboot required or is there a heavy CPU utilisation for the expansion of the pool.

If the pool with the Data and users volume is expanded will the space automatically come available as free space to the data and user volumes.