Hi all,

We have ZenWorks PXE servers on the network (two identical ones for
fault tolerance). However some newer PCs aren't supported. It works
with Microsoft's Windows Deployment Services (boo) As a short term
solution, I'd like this newer hardware to to boot from the WDS server,
but all other PCs to continue booting from the ZenWorks PXE server.

Reading around, this was never really part of the PXE spec. However,
I've read that you can apply DHCP options 60, 66 (boot server host
name) and 67 (boot file name). Would it be possible to
- assign these newer PCs static IP addresses based on MAC addresses
- add these options for these static IP address assignments

I'm hoping this means these PCs (and only these PCs) will try the WDS
server first. The WDS server can be configured to respond to only
specific PCs. Other PCs will continue to use the broadcast method,
which should pick up the ZenWorks servers.

Anyone tried this?

Kind regards,